domingo, novembro 19, 2006

Microsoft: The Choice of the Taliban.

Para atacar o gigante temos o renovado Microsuck (para quem não sabe o anterior nome, basta seguir o link). Aconselho todos os que estiverem à espera de uma hipótese de ter um "Virtual Host" com um generoso "cumprimento" à M$ / Bill Gate$ a correr para obter um destes. Apenas $5.00!

Foi lá que li o que transcrevo, mesmo que já tenha "barbas":

"Another Microsoft Success Story:
Microsoft: The Choice of the Taliban.
The site is running Microsoft-IIS/5.0 on Windows 2000.
November 24, 2001

While we were poking around this afternoon, we happened upon this interesting little tidbit: The website, registered by the Afghanistan National Taliban, runs on Windows 2000, according to Netcraft. The story has all the sordid details on this dubious endorsement.

And that's not all the rich, juicy, sure-to-embarrass-Microsoft news that our friends in Britain have for us. Faithful site visitor Fly C alerted us to a cleverly defaced Windows XP billboard on Old Street in London. Then we came across the story in The Guardian. Enjoy the elegant results of this good, old-fashioned limey ingenuity:

Defaced Windows XP billboard in England

They even took the time to make sure the integrity of the billboard's typeface was unharmed. Vandals with a design conscience -- mmmm, that's good, tasty stuff! "

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