quinta-feira, março 25, 2010


"The key suggestions in his report, released today, include:
The Government could save at least £600 million per year if it adopted a more effective open IT procurement process. The open source savings would come not just from reduced licensing costs, but importantly by freeing government bodies from long-term, monopoly supply situations.
New government data standards should be introduced across government, creating a level playing-field for open source software.
These new standards would enable large-scale IT projects to be split into small modular components, meaning that the UK government should never again need to sign an IT software contract worth over £100 million – so no more IT ‘white elephants’. "

Provavelmente o que desencadeou a "abertura" de Gordon Brown, conforme post anterior.
O que é estranho é ver um Partido todo virado para a abertura a usar tecnologias fechadas/proprietárias e vindas desse monopólio que a todo o custo devem evitar.

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Open Source Portugal disse...

Gosto do blog porque também eu sou um apoiante do open-source.

E que tal esbanjar esta na cara deles?