quinta-feira, março 25, 2010


"And in doing so we can put in place the best most personalised but universally accessible digital public services in the world, and harness the power of technology to economise - shaking up Whitehall and making us the most efficient, open and responsive government in the world.


Mygov will constitute a radical new model for how public services will be delivered and for how citizens engage with government - making interaction with government as easy as internet banking or online shopping. This open, personalised platform will allow us to deliver universal services that are also tailored to the needs of each individual; to move from top-down, monolithic websites broadcasting public service information in the hope that the people who need help will find it - to government on demand.

And rather than civil servants being the sole authors and editors, we will unleash data and content to the community to turn into applications that meet genuine needs.
This does not require large-scale government IT Infrastructure; the ‘open source’ technology that will make it happen is freely available. All that is required is the will and willingness of the centre to give up control."

Gordon Brown -
Speech on Building Britain’s Digital Future

Será mesmo assim ou não passa de uma mera carta de intenções não cumpridas como na nossa república das bananas?

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