quinta-feira, agosto 14, 2008


"Microsoft Corp. Chairman Bill Gates said Tuesday that the dramatic growth of the Internet would eventually help eliminate "the last constraints we have" and spark a software-writing revolution. Gates, speaking at a forum to mark the 10th anniversary of the software giant's Asian research arm, added that technology currently being developed would transform the way people use computers, expanding their ability to interact with the machines.

Increasing Internet connectivity will greatly broaden services for users, allowing them remote access to a wide range of software and information, he said.

"People often talk about this as the Internet service revolution," Gates told a gathering of 1,600 researchers and academics in Hong Kong. "That will eventually lead to machines that have lots of server capacity, lots of low-cost computing, low-cost storage. And that will let us write software in an even more ambitious way, eliminating the last constraints we have."


"Gates said major developments in Internet services and computer interface, "because they're fairly developed in the labs, I can say that in 10 years will be widespread.""

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As for the following decade, he predicted: "You might get artificial intelligence or robotics, but those are still so undeveloped, at least in terms of widespread impact."

Esta já merece um comentário - Bill Gates é pródigo em "predizer" só que geralmente as suas sessões de futurologia apenas acrescentam mais umas linhas ao anedotário universal!
Veremos se desta vez consegue acertar...

Lido aqui.

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